Morris Brothers Brisbane specialise in locating premium, fully Japanese-made Yamaha pianos. Our tuners and teachers inspect local Brisbane pianos, plus we source both locally and interstate through our network of piano teachers, tuners and agents.
Only privately owned pianos, cared for by their owners are considered for selection, with priority given to pianos with like-new cabinets, clean actions and with regular tuning.
Pianos like the Yamaha U3, UX3, YUX, Yamaha U1 and YUS, Yamaha C108 and P116 are preferred, as they are the finest models of piano made by Yamaha.

Remember, if you buy a new Chinese or Indonesian Yamaha, what you will have the next day is a used Chinese or Indonesian Yamaha. You will probably lose more money on your new Yamaha in a few months, than what the next owner will lose in 10 years!
A not-new Japanese professional Yamaha piano will still be a not-new Japanese professional Yamaha in 5 years - nothing changes! That is why a pre-loved Yamaha piano from Morris Brothers will not only take a student right through to teacher level, but will hold much better resale and value.

New vs. Used - who can you believe?

I was once at a Home Show, when I was approached by a salesman on a stand about a particular brand of vacuum cleaner. He said "if you buy this vacuum cleaner, you will never need another one."
When I told him that I had a 5 year-old vacuum of the same brand, he promptly replied "well it's about time you bought a new one then."
Whilst this could be put down to a rogue salesman, it is interesting what you hear when it comes to pianos. When you are buying a new Yamaha piano, you will be told things like 'it will last a lifetime' or 'it will last 100 years'.
Interestingly, when you say you are looking at a used Yamaha piano of the same calibre, suddenly it is no good! Do you believe they are saying this in your interest, or to protect their new piano sales - just remember the vacuum cleaner salesman!

For the best quality and value in Yamaha pre-loved pianos in Brisbane -
Morris Brothers is the place to go.