Schimmel, along with Steinway, represent the two finest fully German-made piano ranges in the world today (unlike German 'named' pianos which are prevalent in the local market).
Schimmel is not only Germany's largest selling piano, but also Germany's most awarded. As a family business started in 1895, now run by 4th generation owners Hannes and Viola Schimmel, Schimmel pride themselves on producing pianos for those who demand the very best European quality.

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What makes a Schimmel superior?

    TONE: Schimmel utilises up to 300 year-old mountain spruce for its soundboards, and specially reared Merino sheep for its hammers (pricked with voicing needles tens of thousands of times by hand in a painstaking process to form the renowned beautiful tonal colouring).
    TOUCH: The action utilises the unique Trilogy system, giving the most optimum leverage ratio for the pianist's control over his or her performance. This precision and suppleness makes possible the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo, plus the fastest repetition (uprights virtually identical to the grand).
    FINISH and DURABILITY: The piano varnish is applied in 13 steps for a perfect finish. Woods are dried slowly and carefully to preserve the perfect moisture content. Solid mountain spruce backposts are fitted to strengthen tone and the cast iron frame is built to withstand 21 tonnes of tension weight.
    LONG TERM ASSET VALUE: Although a Schimmel piano will truly last a lifetime, the real value is in owning a piano that has what others lack - true soul. This is not a piano with German name or German parts - this is Germany's own most awarded piano. The pride in ownership is something special - a feeling of pure joy!

International and Wilhelm Series
Schimmel proudly introduce their 'International' and 'Wilhelm' series pianos to the Australian market.
Built with craftsmanship and pride you would expect from Germany's most-awarded piano maker, these fully European-made pianos have redefined quality expectations amongst serious pianists. With professional models starting from just $10,995, you can have a hand-crafted European piano for the price of a regulation Japanese equivalent.
Because Schimmel, along with one or two other top end European makers, have exclusive access to the world's finest slow growth (up to 300 years old) spruce from a special pocket of the Bavarian Forest, no other piano makers can achieve the incredible tonal beauty and soul that this timber produces.

Lovely studio size model where a piano of beautiful tone, yet not too big is required. Wilhelm series priced from $12,995

Same body size as traditional 121cm teacher upright, with quality of tone far superior to any equivalent sized Japanese upright. Incredible value for a fully European professional upright piano.

100% made in Schimmel head factory in Braunschweig, Germany, this is the gateway to the dream of owning one of the world's few true 'A' list pianos. International series priced from $16,995
Fully German piano with 122cm body size of a full teacher-size upright. Perfect home size with beautiful tone and touch.

The flagship of the International Series, with a virtual upright grade body, long strings and full Bavarian solid spruce soundboard. Magnificent!
This spectacular 6' (180cm) grand piano is 100% European-made with a superior solid Bavarian spruce soundboard. For a similar retail to the 5'8" Japanese models (eg. C2, RX2), you can move to the 'A' list of German piano makers!

This 168cm grand is fully made in Germany, in the Schimmel factory that has supplied pianos to the Royal Conservatorium of Music (London), Bolshoy Ballet (Moscow), and Conservatoire du Paris (Paris), to name a couple. This is where you can step into one of Germany's two finest piano makers.

The International Series 6'2" (188cm) has most of the elements that characterise Germany's most-awarded and highest-selling maker, including AA grade Bavarian solid spruce soundboard and concert-grade materials. It is fully made in Braunschweig, Germany.

Classic Series
Along with Steinway & Sons, Schimmel's Classic and Konzert series pianos rank amongst the finest in the world today, and are chosen by many of the world's leading venues and institutions.
To own a handcrafted, fully German-made piano of pedigree may be more affordable than you think, with models from around $21,000.
Spoil yourself with a piano with real character and soul, fully prepared by a German-trained and accredited piano tuner/technician.

116cm upright piano.
Mid-size, multi-award winning piano to suit all types of players. Classic series priced from $20,995

126cm upright piano.
Teacher-size model with beautiful rich tone and superior dynamics.

130cm upright piano.
The ultimate German upright with stunning grand piano performance.
169cm (5'6") grand piano.
A magnificent sounding German grand, for those wanting something a bit smaller without sacrificing sound.

189cm (6'3") grand piano.
Featuring incredibly aged, perfect hand-picked AA Bavarian spruce (up to 300 years old), an enlarged frame and soundboard, and largely hand-voiced for individual tonal perfection, this is a grand that will compare with the world's absolute finest. 'C' Series Schimmel were winners of the Focus Open Award (Germany's highest award to technical innovation) in 2012.

Konzert Series
For those seeking Schimmel German quality combined with the most advanced technology in the world today, this is the ultimate piano.

169cm (5'8") grand piano.
With triplex scaling and performance unmatched in this size.

189cm (6'4") grand piano.
Semi-concert grand for the ultimate home or performance venue experience.

For larger sizes up to the 9' concert grand, please call or email for details.


Conservatoire national superieur de Paris, Paris
English National Ballet, London
Opera de Marseille, Marseille
Boston Ballet, Boston
Royal Academy of Music, London
Bolshoy Theatre, Moscow

A selection of Schimmel pianos are available for your playing enjoyment at our showroom. Please come in and experience one of the world's top two piano makers in Brisbane.