Morris Brothers is a fiercely independent piano store, owned and operated by piano teachers and tuners, that proudly inspect and select the most perfect piano for your total peace of mind.

You will deal with people who are passionate about lifetime pianos, and because we don't employ any commissioned salespeople, our prices are surprisingly affordable for pianos of this quality.

What we are not:

  • A fancy showroom - beautiful surroundings will not make your piano play better; quality tuners will!
  • A warehouse-style operation - we believe in quality, not quantity, and are proud to be the ONLY piano store able to offer you a 2/3 buyback within 5 years (per T&Cs) on every pre-loved piano. We focus on the best Japanese and German pianos, including Kawai, Yamaha, and Schimmel - true world class pianos.

An Insight into our Selection Process:

Every Morris Brothers Pre-Loved piano is selected to meet the six important issues, by our experienced piano tuners and teachers.

1. PERFORMANCE - Selecting pianos of high performance means your piano will handle from beginner to advanced level, with outstanding touch and tone.

2. DURABILITY - Selecting pianos that are of solid construction to stand 'the test of time' and most importantly, the ability to tune to and hold A440 concert pitch.

3. VALUE FOR MONEY - Selecting pianos to save you up to 70% compared to the new or equivalent new price.

4. APPEARANCE - Selecting pianos that are a beautiful piece of furniture, well cared for and presented.

5. ECONOMY - Selecting pianos that have better material quality to ensure low maintenance costs.

6. RESALE VALUE - Selecting brands and models of pianos that will retain excellent resale value. At Morris Brothers, we are so confident of our pianos' value for money, we offer a 2/3 BUYBACK on our pre-loved Japanese pianos within 5 YEARS! (excludes freight, and provided the piano is maintained correctly.)

Discover why piano teachers, players and schools choose Morris Brothers, and see us about finding your perfect piano with total peace of mind.