Alex Steinbach, PianoDisc and Apple iPad come together to create the ultimate musical experience.
Imagine owning a beautiful grand or upright that, not only can you enjoy playing, but at the touch of your iPad screen can burst into life!
Instantly, your piano will play itself - from the classics to jazz to popular artists like Billy Joel! Watch the performer 'live' on your iPad (or your home theatre screen), backed by your piano and the orchestra (speakers provided).

Priced from under $20,000, and we include the lot - even the latest iPad pre-loaded with hundreds of amazing performers.

Exclusive dealership in Brisbane for the Alex Steinbach iQ Player Piano is
Morris Brothers Music Store. Visit us for a demo today!

For more information on choosing the right piano, visit The Australian Piano Buyers' Guide

A silent piano is a normal acoustic piano fitted with a system that makes it possible to play a piano any time day or night under headphones. With no noise, and the ability to record and listen back, link to computer, have a metronome and explore other sounds, you have the best of both a traditional and a digital piano.

Morris Brothers can add the Genio Premium to your upright piano of choice for just $2,265* supplied and fitted, or $2,995* for a grand, including headphones. Call in for a demo - this might just be the perfect solution for YOUR home.

*Prices accurate in most situations, however occasionally additional work is required, depending on the piano. Not all pianos will support the Genio system.