Morris Brothers listed price contains our standard piano inclusions. As an award-winning, service based family business, we also proudly offer our exclusive service package at a small additional cost.

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Kawai KS2F
This tall Kawai professional upright piano is made in Japan, and had a caring local owner. Great value for a quality piano.

Kawai NS15
Very tidy teacher-size Japanese upright, with quality double-felted hammers and an exceptional tone.

Kawai BL71

Fantastic professional series Kawai piano fully made in Japan at a very reasonable price.

Kawai BL61
This full 132cm Japanese upright grand is in great condition, and is great value for money.

Kawai ND21
Stunning teacher-size model in all black and chrome finish. This piano comes with a 12 years warranty and professional adjustable stool.

Kawai BL71
Top of the range Japanese 132cm piano. Striking 'grand piano' styling and premium solid spruce soundboard for performance and class.

Yamaha U1H

This is the classic Japanese U1, with the tone and touch that made it famous with teachers around the world (not like the new, cheap Indonesian-made U1J). Stick with proven quality!

Kawai BL51M
This very beautiful piano is in a polished rosewood finish, and looks as good as it sounds. Complete with duet padded stool, it will compliment any home. Fully made in Japan.

Yamaha U3H
Late 'H' series Yamaha, and a full 131cm Japanese upright grand size. Excellent performing, very good locally purchased piano.

Yamaha U3H
Along with the 'A' series, this highly sought after 'H' series model is in immaculate condition inside and out. Japanese excellence in a full 131cm upright grand.

Alex Steinbach Romance
This teacher-size piano is the most popular 'furniture-style' professional piano in Australia. Gorgeous polished mahogany cabinet with scalloped edges, soft-closing lid and great tone. Brand new piano (display model) on sale!

Kawai US50
This famous Kawai model is a fully Japanese upright grand, with premium styling and concert hardwood hammers.

Yamaha U3M
This legendary series has a superb hammer quality and beautiful tone. A much sought after model of 131cm upright grand, fully made in Japan.

Kawai KL705
This is a tall 127cm Japanese professional piano, with beautiful turned legs in a polished rosewood. Beautiful tone and looks.

Kawai US55
This is a high level 132cm full upright grand. Made in Japan, with vented front, hardwood hammers and more, it will suit a discerning owner.

Kawai KL32WG
A very rare opportunity to own a top range 132cm Japanese upright grand in polished walnut. Dynamic performance and stunning looks in one.

Yamaha U3A
Considered the finest of the U3 series, this piano has a level of material quality unmatched by today's lesser versions. A true classic.

Yamaha U30BL
This immaculate Japanese U3 series piano was made at the height of Yamaha's best instruments. Immaculate inside and out, and a true upright grand in performance.

Kawai US55K
A special K Kawai model upright grand made in Japan. Special detailing and a brass pedal kickplate compliment the rich, warm tone.

Kawai K300i
122cm ebony
This superb new piano is 122cm teacher-size, and with many features, including: Millennium III Concert Action, soft-closing lid, concert-length music rest, and 12 year warranty. Only a couple remaining at 90th Anniversary special. Ring to check!

Yamaha U30A
Probably the best of Yamaha's acclaimed U3 series. This model has upgraded features with nickel-plated pins and premium solid spruce soundboard. An exceptional piano!

Kawai US65
This model represents a full concert-quality performance, combined with Japanese quality control and precision. Superb!

Yamaha UX3
This Yamaha piano is a true concert-grade model, with hardwood hammers, vented front, and premium solid spruce timbers. For those seeking exceptional performance.

Yamaha UX30BL
This ultra high performance piano is the pinnacle of Yamaha Japanese upright pianos. A truly exceptional instrument!

Schimmel W118
Amazing value in a fully European piano made by Germany's most-awarded and highest selling piano maker. A rich tone is generated by a solid Bavarian spruce soundboard. Own something special!

Schimmel I123
This famous international series is fully made in Germany by one of Germany's top 2 piano makers. Stunning polished mahogany cabinet and a butterfly grand lid make it the perfect combination of beauty and performance.


Yamaha G1
This professional series, fully Japanese 160cm grand piano has been superbly reconditioned by the Steinway & Sons-accredited piano technician for maximum performance and perfect condition. Ideal choice for demanding player on more moderate budget.

Kawai GL10
This beautiful new display grand piano features full Japanese Millennium III concert action, soft-closing lid, and a tonal clarity unsurpassed in this size. $13,995

Kawai GL20
We have a special package available on this premium new Japanese-made grand. It has all the top features, in a 157cm size to suit almost all homes. 12 year warranty and Millennium III concert action make the choice of discerning players.

Alex Steinbach iQ Grand
Modern player piano
This amazing piano is both a superb quality performance instrument, with 12 year acoustic (and Limited Lifetime Warranty). Fitted with the incredible Pianodisc iQ system, driven by iPad (iPad and over 1,000 songs included), with the touch of a screen, your piano will play Classics to Jazz to Rock. Connect to your TV to watch some of the world's greatest performers which your piano plays live. 1 display model - save $7,000 on RRP.

German & Japanese Professional Grands
New range
View our exceptional range in store, priced from around $15,000 to $70,000. Further details can be found by visiting the Kawai page and Schimmel page.
Great range!